Toyota Reveals the New Crown’s Luxurious Cabins for the Sedan, Wagon, and SUV Varieties


There are hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) choices across the Toyota Crown lineup.

The Toyota Crown Crossover is already on sale in the United States, and the Japanese market will soon have access to a larger selection of Crown vehicles. The automaker has released additional information about the Crown Sedan, Estate, and Sports Type SUV, including their technical specifications and anticipated market launch dates, following their initial preview in July 2022.

The overall look of the models has been described in great detail. A new video showcasing Toyota’s five-seat cabins has recently been released. The digital cockpits and general layout of the interior are reminiscent of the Crown Crossover’s. The Toyota designers upgraded the interior with new materials for the seats, ambient lighting, and wood accents. The Crown Sedan has convenient grab handles on the backs of the front seats, while the Estate’s rear seats fold down to expand the trunk.

The Crown series relies on the TNGA framework for all of its games. SUVs of the Sports and Estate body styles, like the Crossover, will offer hybrid and plug-in hybrid drivetrain options. However, in addition to the Mirai, Toyota will also offer a hybrid and a fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) in the Sedan segment. Toyota didn’t tell us how much power each engine made or how far it could travel, but it did reveal the dimensions of every vehicle it makes.

In autumn 2023, the Crown SUV and Sedan will join the already available Crown Crossover in Japan’s product lineup, with the Crown Estate following in 2024. We have no idea if the new models will be made available in North America.

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