In 2024, Toyota will manufacture 550 GR Corollas for the Japanese market, but getting your hands on one will be a lottery.


Returning to Japan in 2024 is the GR Corolla, but only 550 units will be produced, and buyers will have to enter a lottery to secure one.

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Toyota offered 500 examples of the 2023 GR Corolla to Japanese customers, so while it may have seemed like a consolation prize for North American customers who were denied the GR Yaris, it was good enough for Toyota to offer. While a fresh supply is being made for the United States, it is expected that Japanese buyers will receive a small quantity in 2024.

Toyota announced last week that it would manufacture 1,600 additional GR Corollas for sale in North America. Whether or not the vehicle would be available in the manufacturer’s domestic market was not disclosed.

Magazine X states that the new allocation of 550 units will be made available to Japanese buyers in September, with an official announcement expected on July 14. Each vehicle will have the RZ trim level; the track-focused, two-seater MORIZO edition will be discontinued, though some of its features may be carried over.

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The Ultrasuede steering wheel and shift lever from the limited edition vehicle will be available as dealer upgrades in 2024. Meanwhile, Toyota has gleaned some insight over the past year that will inform the development of the next generation vehicle.

Stability has been increased through the addition of anti-static tape and additional bolts. The improved brake ducts are now available as factory equipment rather than aftermarket extras. Wheel offsets, a rear spoiler, a limited-slip mechanical differential, and a metal-reinforced clutch are some of the other GR accessories you can get.

The MORIZO package’s unique Matte Gray paint has been discontinued along with the trim itself. However, the new Blue Flame paint color is being reserved for the Japanese market. Only 50 of this special exterior color and matching new black interior with blue stitching will be produced.

The 2024 Toyota GR Corolla will again be available to Japanese customers only through a lottery system. A base price of 5,250,000 yen (approximately $36.384 at the current exchange rate) will be charged to the first 550 customers who apply for the limited production run.

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