Chrysler Pacifica Reportedly Getting a Significant Refresh

Chrysler Pacifica Reportedly Getting a Significant Refresh

The chief executive officer of Chrysler has stated that the minivan will be getting a redesign that is “more than just a moderate” in the near future.

Automotive News Canada claims that the Chrysler Pacifica will undergo a major redesign in the near future.

A statement attributed to Chrysler CEO Christine Feuell states that the minivan will receive “more than just a moderate refresh.”

The refreshed Pacifica won’t make its appearance until 2025, following the arrival of Chrysler’s first electric vehicle, the Airflow concept, which was revealed in 2017.

Now that the Chrysler 300 sedan has met its maker, the Pacifica minivan is the sole surviving model from Chrysler. While that may sound like the end of the world to some, be assured that the Pacifica actually has a longer life expectancy than first thought. According to Automotive News Canada, Chrysler CEO Christine Feuell has stated that the minivan is set to receive “more than just a moderate refresh.” This is based on her comments.

There Will Be a Major Revamp Soon

Besides stating that it will be important, Feuell failed to offer any particular information regarding the real plans for the Pacifica’s makeover. Since Chrysler will not unveil its first electric vehicle until after the introduction of its first model, the minivan’s redesign is also probably still a few years off. We still don’t know the exact name, among other unknown features, of the product that the Airflow idea showcased in January 2022 and is scheduled for manufacturing in 2025.

The new Pacifica is expected to be based on the same platform as the current iteration, which debuted for the 2017 model year, therefore speculation about its redesign is complicated. A more attractive design and all-wheel drive were part of the 2021 redesign. Who knows if the 2024 Pacifica’s plug-in hybrid engine or regular V-6 will make it through the next round of upgrades.

According to Feuell’s comments to AN Canada, the company’s estimates indicate that minivans will continue to be popular until the end of the decade, so there’s no need to worry about the longevity of a revamped Chrysler Pacifica. In addition, she confirmed that the Voyager, a fleet-only variant of the Pacifica, will remain in operation.

We can’t help but speculate that an electric Pacifica is in the works, given that the brand responsible for the original minivan is obviously still involved in the body type. That would be massively important.

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