Which car on the market today has the most generic styling?


Not repulsive, bizarre, or even attractive. We need your help identifying the most unremarkable car on the road right now.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed a marked decline in the number of gripes about how vehicles all look alike jelly beans. That doesn’t mean classic car fans suddenly don’t miss the old days; rather, it suggests that today’s drivers are less likely to be driving boring, unremarkable vehicles than they were, say, a decade ago.

That can only be a positive development in my book. And now that I think about it, it’s hard to find a car on the market today that looks suitably generic. Are there any truly generic cars on the market? There are ugly cars, SUVs I have no interest in, and minivans I despise.

Okay, sure. Without a doubt, there are. You may have to look a little harder than you did before, but you can still find them.

That’s not to say they’re not attractive, though. Despite its Borzoi-like appearance and retro military fatigues, the Toyota Supra is anything but ordinary. It’s easy to identify one of these vehicles if you see it driving down the street.

I don’t even mean odd or weird, per se. For example, I’m not crazy about Tesla’s design (I think the Model X looks like a speech bubble and the Model 3 looks like someone put the Model S in a dryer), but I’ve never met anyone who couldn’t easily identify a Tesla on the road.

Not every new electric vehicle’s design is a home run, but it seems like most car companies went in a pretty novel direction when creating them. That’s good to hear, because EVs might otherwise have lacked personality due to the absence of a grille.

Jaguar makes the most generic-looking cars available today. Possibly due to its advanced age, the Jaguar XF is as unremarkable as they come. There’s nothing inherently wrong with it, but it’s the only car I’d have trouble picking out of a parking lot. It looks like any other sedan out there, without any special branding or features to set it apart.

And the XE has gone unmentioned up until this point because, quite frankly, I had forgotten about it. This may make it the clear victor in my book. Can you tell which image in this article depicts the XE and which depicts the XF without resorting to Google?

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