The Bugatti Chiron successor will be unveiled in 2024, with a hybrid V-8 engine.

Bugatti Chiron

The iconic W-16 engine has been retired, and production of the Chiron’s V-8-powered successor will begin in 2026, using Rimac’s electrical know-how for its hybrid components.

The next Bugatti hypercar will mark a significant shift for the company. Achim Anscheidt, Bugatti’s former chief of design, told Autocar that the Chiron successor will be shown for the first time next year, with production beginning in 2026. The next Bugatti, most notably, foregoes the brand’s illustrious W-16 engine in favor of a V-8 hybrid setup, presumably using the electrical expertise of Croatian automaker Rimac, which merged with Bugatti in 2021.

Anscheidt told Autocar, “We delivered the prototype tooling a couple of months ago, and the production tooling will be delivered in a couple of months from now.” Anscheidt is stepping down as Bugatti’s head of styling, with the Chiron successor serving as his final project. “Everything I have tried to learn and comprehend over the last nineteen years with Bugatti, I wanted to make sure this experience funnels into the car’s development,” he explained.

The horseshoe grille and C-shaped side bodywork seen on every Bugatti since the 1934 Type 57 will remain on the next model. Built on a new chassis, with the massive W-16 replaced by the Bugatti’s design director Frank Heyl also told Autocar that integrating the batteries for the hybrid component required the company “to reconsider the architecture of the whole car.”

Aldo Maria Sica, the brand’s interior designer, revealed that while the powertrain will be a significant departure from previous Bugattis, the interior will be similar to the Chiron, with elegant designs and ornate controls. The Chiron successor could get a large central touchscreen to control the infotainment system, which was missing from the Chiron and all of its limited-production spin-offs.

The next Bugatti hypercar is expected to be even more expensive than the $5 million Mistral, the final Bugatti with a W-16 engine that was limited to 99 examples. Following the arrival of the Chiron successor, Bugatti’s focus will shift to its first electric vehicle, which will rely heavily on the company’s partnership with Rimac.

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