This day’s Bring a Trailer Pick features a modified 1974 BMW 2002tii.

This 2002tii isn’t factory standard, but it looks great.

  • BMW’s 2002 model was the first of its kind, and the 2002tii represents the pinnacle of the brand’s sport-sedan aesthetic.
  • This 1974 2002tii has had substantial work done to it, some of which has changed the car from its original configuration but should have positive effects on its driveability.
  • Bidding for this Bring a Trailer auction closes on August 31.

The exterior of a classic BMW 2002 is conservative, but it nevertheless manages to convey an air of seriousness. This one, in all black, has the air of a clergyman, complete with folded hands and solemn expression. We fast-living sinners know that a 2002tii is not reserved for the holy.

A black and silver 1974 BMW 2000tii is today’s featured vehicle on Bring A Trailer. Its understatement and simplicity are in sharp contrast to the brand’s present offerings, which include ornate coupes and an SUV that looks somewhat like Pumba from The Lion King thanks to its enormous twin grilles.

Light, graceful, and nimble, a 2002 is like a meerkat compared to a warthoggish XM. Davis was so taken with this quick little car that his 1968 evaluation of the 114-hp carburetted version is considered one of the greatest automotive reviews of all time.

The 2002 is, in my opinion, one of the best seated modes of transportation in the history of human civilization. It’s compelling.

This particular 1974 2002 tii benefits with Kugelfisher mechanical fuel injection, as denoted by the tii suffix. With its stainless-steel exhaust system, the vivacious little 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine generates 125 horsepower and 127 pound-feet of torque. It is matched with a limited-slip rear differential and a five-speed manual transmission from a later model automobile.

Even though it has the older round taillights (which have been refitted with chrome bumpers), this 1974 model has the square taillights of the later 2002 variants. The automobile is in excellent shape, so any complaints are minor. There is minimal clutter in the cabin, which is complemented by the Recaro seats, Nardi shift knob, and three-spoke steering wheel. The 13-inch Gotti wheels and Bilstein shocks provide for a nimble ride.

The previous owner put in a lot of work, replacing things like the aluminum radiator, the fuel and water pumps, and the ignition system. The exhaust is brand new as well, and it’s made of stainless steel, so it should be perfect for a weekend of backroad flogging.

Which, if your bid for this beautiful 2002tii is successful, is essentially an order.

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