The BMW CE 02 is a Sweet Urban Electric Motorcycle.

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Along with the release of the new electric motorcycle comes a new pair of smartglasses that display crucial information directly in the rider’s field of vision.

BMW Motorrad’s new CE 02 electric motorcycle is less awkward-looking than a mobility scooter and is perfect for zipping around town.Two 1.96 kWh batteries power the electric motor’s maximum output of 15 horsepower. Based on information provided by BMW Motorrad, that’s good for around 56 miles of driving.In addition, a pair of “smartglasses” will be released. When riders don them, they have access to real-time data including speed and directional guidance.The automotive industry is buzzing with electric powertrains. BMW Motorrad is expanding its portfolio of environmentally friendly motorbikes with the addition of a second electric model. The CE 02 is a more compact and reasonably priced replacement for the CE 04, which debuted in 2022.

BMW claims their new CE 02 is neither an electric motorcycle nor a scooter, but we’re having trouble buying into the brand’s marketing and referring to it as a “e-parkourer.” The bike does have a sleek, urban design that fits in with their intended market, so we get where they’re coming from.One model will include a 5-horsepower electric engine and a single 1.96-kilowatt-hour battery, while the other will feature a larger battery pack. However, the American market will only have a single model, the more powerful 15-hp variant with doubled batteries good for 3.92 kWh and an estimated 56-mile range per charge. It has a predicted top speed of 59 miles per hour.

Although a 0.9-kW home charging adaptor is included, frequent riders may find the faster 1.5-kW charger to be more useful. The Highline package, which includes the faster charger, Bluetooth connectivity, a smartphone holder, heated hand grips, and a more comfortable seat, is available for purchase.

The CE 02’s standard 3.5-inch display, located between the handlebars, provides information such as speed and remaining range. A smartphone may be charged via the USB-C port, and the bike’s charging state can be monitored via an accompanying app.

bmw bike

Be Warned!

BMW Motorrad is releasing smartglasses that connect to the bike’s telemetry to provide speed, charge, and turn-by-turn directions on the right lens, completing the connected experience. The CE 02 is not required to use the glasses because they are compatible with other BMW Motorrad products.

At a recent BMW event, we were able to check out the glasses and report that they function as a kind of head-up display, with sufficient adjusting flexibility that most users would have a clear view of the road ahead as well as the information shown. They may not be the trendiest sunglasses, but regular cyclists may find their practicality to be well worth the price. Buyers may get cold feet about the price, which works out to almost $750 at the current currency rate.

The CE 02 is an appealing alternative for moving around town and dodging traffic, but it also has a hefty price tag (approximately $8200 to get started). BMW Motorrad has not yet released information on the cost of extras, but we anticipate that the CE 02, when equipped with the Highline package, will come dangerously close to the $10,000 threshold. The CE 02 will be available at BMW Motorrad stores in the United States sometime in 2024.

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