The Fastest Sports Cars Under $110,000

The Fastest Sports Cars Under $110,000

There are some surprisingly quick, high-quality, and enjoyable-to-drive sports cars available for under $100,000.

Thankfully, there is a wide variety of sports cars available, each with a different base price. In this piece, we’ll examine the quickest production sports cars currently available for less than $100,000 (including destination charges). While top speed was a major consideration in compiling this list, we believe that each vehicle on this list offers its drivers something special in addition to its impressive acceleration.

Nissan Z Proto Spec: 155 MPH (electronically controlled)

The Nissan Z is the best value on this list and a mainstay in the sports car scene with enough credibility to be admired by most enthusiasts. It can only reach 155 mph with the limiter engaged, but with some fine-tuning of the ECU software, that number can be raised to 177 mph.

The current generation’s exterior is streamlined and clean, and it looks great from every side except behind. It seems to depart from the car’s overall modern design philosophy in favor of Z-era design cues, yet it fits the vehicle perfectly. The Nissan Z is a fantastic metric sports car, and it comes with a manual transmission with six gears.

Toyota GR Supra Premium: 155 MPH (electronically controlled)

One of the most dependable sports cars on the market, made by a reputable manufacturer. The top speed of the Toyota GR Supra was also limited to 155 mph, following the lead of the German manufacturers BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz. Some reports claim it can reach 163 mph without the limiter.

When it comes to sports cars, the GR Supra 3.0 Premium AT is practically perfect. Wet weight is only 3,400 pounds, it has Rear Wheel Drive, and a six-speed manual transmission is optional. The performance is respectable and easy to handle, particularly in acceleration; the handling and responsiveness are outstanding; the car is beautiful; and it is a Toyota. What else could one want?

Porsche Panamera: 168 MPH

The list kicks off with the base model Porsche Panamera, a sports car that has generated some controversy. As a sports car, this Porsche is large and ponderous due to its four doors. Concerns about its performance may arise due to its wet weight of 4,222 pounds and total length of 198.8 inches.

The Panamera in its entry-level trim may be mistaken by some for a luxury family vehicle rather than a sports car. Regardless, the Panamera provides what it promises and the kind of driving thrills that can only come from a Porsche. It can go from zero to sixty in 5.3 seconds, and its top speed is adequate evidence of Porsche’s engineering prowess even if it isn’t anything to brag about.

Even though it has turbocharging, the engine isn’t being put to its full potential. Since the twin turbochargers are located between the cylinders, the gas paths are shortened, and turbo lag is reduced or eliminated altogether. The car has excellent pulling power from low engine speeds all the way to the red line at 6,800 rpm thanks to the transmission’s well-tuned programming. It’s a big four-door, to be sure, but make no mistake: this baby is a sports car.

Lexus LC: 168 MPH

Lexus is a prestigious brand that can rest easy thanks to its dedicated fan base. That allows them to sell everything from small cars to large SUVs and even sports cars like the LC. Whatever its devoted clientele wants, Lexus can provide it.

Naturally aspirated V-8s have a more recognizable engine note. Lexus optimized the LC’s transmission for peak performance between 50 and 70 percent open throttle, where the engine is free to rev to its maximum potential before the next gear is engaged.

When braking for a corner, the transmission will shift down to second gear rather than third so that it is ready for a powerful exit from the corner if the driver so chooses. The wet weight of 4,340 pounds reflects the sports car’s high level of luxury and construction quality. Superior to the Porsche Panamera in every way.

Jaguar F-Type R Dynamic: 177 MPH

The F-Type R Dynamic is the best value within the British automaker’s lineup, adding some British flair to this list and heating things up like a good English tea. This, rumored to be the last F-Type ever built, is a tribute to the glory days of British motorsport.

Despite its powerful V-8 engine, this one weighs in at a more manageable 3,760 pounds wet. This stunning British import not only goes from zero to sixty mph in 4.4 seconds, but she also has a high top speed. The cabin is plush and offers plenty of space for the driver and passenger. Not quite as plush inside as a Bentley or Rolls-Royce, but still something to be treasured as a valuable possession for its owner all the same.

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