Every 2023 Full-Size Luxury Car Ranked from Worst to Best

Every 2023 Full-Size Luxury Car Ranked from Worst to Best

Having a 17-foot-long sedan that costs four times what most people make in a year rub your shoulders while stuck in traffic is not a humbling experience. Some people, of course, only care about the money. While the full-size luxury vehicles on this list are fewer in number than bowling pins, the best of the bunch are not easily dismissed.

Even though midsize and full-size luxury SUVs are becoming increasingly popular, you probably won’t see many of these models driving around your neighborhood. These vehicles are stunning to look at and exciting to ride in, regardless of who is behind the wheel.

In the Maserati Quattroporte, of course!

While the Maserati Quattroporte’s massive trident emblem and unique design set it apart from the other full-size luxury sedans on this list, they aren’t enough to give it an edge. Even though it’s one of the more affordable Italian cars in the six-figure range, the Quattroporte doesn’t feel as spacious as we’d expect for a luxury sedan costing as much as a BMW 7-series.

This is the Lexus LS.

The plastic basket up front of a Lexus LS is sure to please fans of enormous grilles. The 416-horsepower twin-turbo V-6 engine and refined chassis make this one of the largest Japanese sedans sold in the United States feel like more than just a flashy Toyota. Also available is the LS500h hybrid, which uses a V-6 engine in conjunction with two electric motors to produce 354 horsepower. We believe it is prudent to avoid the hybrid due to its higher cost and negligible improvement in fuel economy. The EPA estimates that the LS500h will have a combined range of 25 mpg, which is an improvement of just 3 mpg over the LS500’s combined figure. If you don’t go crazy on the LS’s options, its low starting price will appeal to you. Once you get close to the six-figure mark, however, you might want to consider one of the Lexus’s German or Korean rivals instead.

Seven Series BMW

BMW’s newest 7-series represents the brand’s ongoing commitment to innovative design. The slab-sided sheetmetal, split headlights, and massive grille of the 2023 redesign set the flagship sedan apart from the crowd. The new 7-series has yet to prove its popularity among consumers. However, the interior of the big Bimmer does not fall short of expectations, which is especially important in full-size luxury sedans. The interior is luxurious, and there’s plenty of room to stretch out in the backseat. However, we wish the 7’s tiller were a little more talkative, and although the sedan’s touchscreens are crisp and responsive, we still think this BMW could use a few more hard buttons.

Audi A8

The Audi A8 is a large luxury vehicle, but it handles corners much more nimbly than it should. The A8’s refined exterior and cabin make it a serious contender among today’s best full-size luxury sedans. The smaller A8 is powered by a 335-horsepower turbocharged V-6 and moves the large sedan with respectable vigor. However, those seeking even more oomph should check out Audi’s more potent S8 model. The Audi S8 may look like a respectable large sedan from the outside, but when you step on the gas, this sled accelerates from zero to sixty miles per hour in just 3.2 seconds thanks to its 563 hp twin-turbo V-8. That’s a lot of oomph for a vehicle that weighs over 2.5 tons.

G90 Genesis

Genesis updates the G90 for 2023, and the changes make for a beautiful car. The second-generation G90’s striking exterior design and high-quality cabin make it seem much more expensive than its base price of less than $100,000. In spite of this, the big Genesis still requires some fine-tuning before it can legitimately compete with its German competitors. The G90 has a slight edge over the competition in this niche market thanks to its improved dynamics, more compelling powertrain, and standard features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto that can be used wirelessly.

S-Class Mercedes-Benz

If you’re looking for a full-size luxury sedan, look no further than Mercedes-Benz’s S-class. That’s why, in a recent comparison test, a six-cylinder S500 outperformed the Genesis G90 and the Lexus LS500. You can thank the lavish cabin of the big Merc, as well as its ability to act as both a pampered luxury barge and an unexpectedly entertaining not-quite-sport sedan. In an S-class, wherever you sit, you’ll have a pleasant experience. But the S-class isn’t flawless; Mercedes’ latest infotainment system leaves something to be desired. The lack of actual buttons and the awkward placement of controls on the wheel are to blame. However, these are not issues that prevent the S-class from being the best full-size luxury sedan on the market, so Mercedes continues to use it as its flagship model.

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