‘Opera Unica’ Lamborghini Revuelto Spent 435 Hours in the Paint Booth

'Opera Unica' Lamborghini Revuelto Spent 435 Hours in the Paint Booth

Lamborghini is showing off a new version of the future Revuelto with a hybrid V-12 engine called “Opera Unica.”

The supercar has a unique interior and a crazy paint job that goes from Viola Pasifae to Nero Helene. The body lines are emphasized by brushstroke details.

There is a 6.5-liter V-12 engine with 814 horsepower and three electric motors that add up to 1001 horsepower.

Most likely, you turn your head every time you see a Lamborghini in the wild, unless your friends have last names like Jenner or Leno. They tend to get your attention with their crazy exhausts and cool looks. No matter who lives next door, the one-of-a-kind “Opera Unica” version of the 2024 Revuelto supercar that Lamborghini is showing off at Art Basel will get your attention.

A crazy car with crazy paint

It doesn’t have a loud exhaust or flames that shoot out the back that are several feet long, as far as we know. No, it’s not the car itself that makes people look twice; it’s the paint job. The outside is painted by hand and goes from Viola Pasifae (purple) to Nero Helene (black). Along the body lines, there are blue and orange brushstrokes that add character. Lamborghini says the process took a total of 435 hours and added 76 hours to the time it took to build and test the car.

The hood of the car has a sign for the 60th anniversary, and in true Lambo style, it has bull horns. The one-off’s inside is almost as fun. It has two-tone black and purple leather—this time Nero Ade and Viola Acutus. The same 60th anniversary design is stitched into the seatbacks, door cards, and upholstery as it is on the hood. The brushstroke colors are used on every part of the car, even the cover for the start/stop button.

When you open it, the Revuelto’s hybrid drivetrain comes to life. It has three electric motors and a 6.5-liter V-12 engine with 814 hp. We were lucky enough to get behind the wheel and feel its amazing speed and heart-racing music.

As part of its 60th anniversary celebrations, Lamborghini will show off the Opera Unica Revuelto at Art Basel in Miami Beach this weekend. It will be there with other works of art that Lamborghini has commissioned.

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