Honda Announces Plan to Debut Global EV Series at CES 2024

Honda Announces Plan to Debut Global EV Series at CES 2024

As it gets ready to release 30 new EV models by 2030, the company will show off a number of models and technologies that it plans to use.

Honda wants to show off a brand-new line of electric vehicles (EVs) at CES 2024.

Honda says it will show off its new electric vehicles (EVs) and other products that show how the company is changing.

The car company made an announcement and included a teaser picture that looks like it shows an EV concept car that will be shown for the first time at CES in January.

Honda plans to show off a new global EV line at CES 2024 as part of its stated goal to release 30 new EVs around the world by 2030 and sell 2 million cars. The company has set the goal of having all of its cars in North America emit no pollution by 2040. It says that this will include both battery-electric and fuel-cell electric cars.

Honda says that to show off the series, it will have a booth at CES and a website just for it. In its booth, Honda says it will show off its global EV series models as well as “several key technologies that illustrate the significant transformation Honda is currently undergoing.”

A New Idea for an EV?

As part of the news, Honda shared a teaser picture that seems to show a concept car that will be shown for the first time at the show. The front end is squared off and looks very low to the ground. It goes up at a pretty steep angle. The darkness hides most of the car, but you can make out what looks like a pixelated wheel design.

The Prologue to 2024 is about to come out. The Clarity was Honda’s first try at an EV for North America, and this is their second. Honda is currently showing off a concept car called the Prologue. Unlike that car, the Prologue has more understated style that doesn’t shout about being eco-friendly.

Honda also said that it will change how it does business to fit with its new global brand motto, “The Power of Dreams—How we move you.” Honda says that the slogan shows how its goods and services will “go beyond limitations like time and place” and “enhance their abilities and possibilities.” We won’t tell you what that language really means. You can guess.

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