Why The Tesla Model X Needs A Successor


Will the Model X no longer be produced? The six-figure SUV was once a market leader, but it can’t compete with newer models.

It has been proven time and time again that Tesla is being absorbed by the very revolution it sparked. Despite the fact that the American brand is still incredibly successful, it has lost some credibility in recent years as more cons, flaws, and imperfections have come to light. Nearly a decade ago, when the Model X made its first big debut, it immediately captured the imagination. Its sleek falcon doors helped it stand out, and its specifications instilled confidence in Tesla and the electric future it was designed to govern. If it were to pull a Boeing Headliner, it would break the record for the heaviest tow by an electric passenger vehicle in 2018.

The Model X was the most innovative electric vehicle available, complete with hidden Easter eggs, until it wasn’t. Think back to when the dancing trick was the most exciting thing to happen in the EV market. Unfortunately, those times are long gone, and gimmicks are no longer effective. Since then, more affordable options have been made available to consumers. As competitors from BMW to Kia have been able to offer more for less money, the novelty of the world’s first electric SUV has worn off.

The Model X Is A High-End SUV With A Low-End Build

The Tesla Model X suffered from the usual issues with fit and finish. It’s unacceptable for a car that starts at over $100,000 to have imperfections like sloppy paintwork or random dents. These flaws would be more forgivable on a Tesla Model 3. Unfortunately, aesthetic issues are the least of people’s concerns. The Model X’s overall poor construction has also been criticized by buyers. It’s hit or miss, so if you’re hoping to get a powerful car for that price, you might be disappointed. In addition, glitches are common, with some users reporting issues with unresponsive window switches and an inactive infotainment display. The Model X’s Falcon Doors are an impressive design element, but they can be a pain to use. Congested parking lots present their own unique challenges. The doors are less convenient than sliding doors or even regular doors because they may occasionally refuse to open all the way, even with a clearance of 18 inches. Furthermore, the Model X’s dated appearance makes it stand out less than other EVs that have established new aesthetic standards. In a nutshell, it doesn’t have a high-end feel that justifies the steep price tag.

The Model X Is Cursed With Reliability Issues

Teslas have a poor reputation for handling the snow and ice. The Model X is surprisingly vulnerable to snow, despite the fact that it drives exceptionally well in the snow. The Autopilot and the Falcon Doors are both rendered useless because the sensors are frequently obstructed by snow. The side view mirrors frequently freeze up, making them useless and preventing them from retracting as they should. On top of that, there are the regular battery degradation problems, which are exacerbated by the cold. A garage is ideal for avoiding this problem, but we understand that not everyone has access to one. Preheating your Model X for up to an hour before use is another common way to lessen the effect of cold weather, but this is obviously inconvenient as well. Suspension systems on SUVs can suffer from the same premature wear and tear that plagues other vehicle types, leading to annoying squeaking and rattling noises as you drive. The astronomical costs of upkeep add to the already substantial costs of repairs. According to Edmunds, the True Cost To Own for a ModelX is $76,890 for a period of five years with an average annual mileage of 15,000. As a result, it’s easy to see that this car is out of reach financially, and you might be better off with something like a Tesla Model Y.

The Alternatives Are Now Cheaper And Better

The Model X has a lot going for it; for starters, it’s an extremely powerful electric vehicle. It is one of the fastest electric cars on the market, with a 0-60 mph time of 3.3 seconds for the base model and 2.5 seconds for the 1,020 horsepower Plaid variant. The luxury SUV still has some significant blind spots, however, which are successfully exploited by cheaper alternatives. For instance, for a starting price of $62,690, you can get behind the wheel of the Cadillac Lyriq, which is a more sophisticated automobile both inside and out. For an additional $70,500, customers can purchase the Fisker Ocean Extreme, which offers significantly more power. With a range of 360 miles and 550 horsepower, the upcoming EV can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.6 seconds, which is on par with the standard Model X. The top-tier Fisker Ocean model not only provides superior value as a whole, but it also uses the innovative SolarSky solar panel, which can provide an additional 2,000 miles of clean driving range annually.

Another option that provides a superior blend of utility and strength is the Rivian R1S. For $91,800, you can get the R1S Launch Edition, which has a 0-60 mph time of 3.1 seconds thanks to its 550 hp and 829 lb-ft of torque. The Model X can’t compete with the BMW iX in terms of luxury, either. The German EV not only undercuts the Tesla in terms of base price ($85,095) but also in terms of comfort and handling. According to Consumer Reports, BMW’s Driving Assistance Professional has a better driver monitoring system than the Autopilot.

The Model X Might Very Well Be Past Its Prime

How, then, can Model X sales be prevented from continuing to decline in the face of such intense competition? Extremely improbable! The luxury SUV’s reputation as an overpriced and unreliable vehicle has already tarnished its image, making competitors look better in comparison. The Model X appears to be too far behind at this point to warrant a second chance; it may be best to put it out of its misery now.

However, if any company is capable of proving us wrong, it would be Tesla. The company based in Texas may yet turn things around and give its luxury electric vehicle (EV) the makeover it so desperately needs. The challenge, however, would call for cutting-edge creativity in a market where expectations are always climbing. The Model X needs more than a superficial facelift; it needs a substantial upgrade in looks and features that can finally justify the six figures it’s asking for.

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