The Next-Gen BMW 8 Series Will Be Radically Different

The Next-Gen BMW 8 Series Will Be Radically Different

In 2025, the new model may be offered exclusively as an electric GranCoupe.

The first-generation BMW 8 Series was a fantastic sports car, and its V-12 motor is still fondly remembered by many. BMW aimed to replicate its previous year’s success with the 2018 Coupe (G15), Convertible (G14), and GranCoupe (G16), but sales fell short of the Bavarian automaker’s expectations. This is why, over the past few years, there have been consistent rumors that BMW is planning to overhaul the 8 Series. Furthermore, new fuel has been added to these rumors.

The Next 8 Series Will Only Come As A GranCoupe

The next-generation 8 Series (G77), as reported by, will go into production in 2026. BMW’s CLAR rear-wheel-drive platform, which can accommodate virtually any drivetrain, will continue to serve as the vehicle’s foundation. However, unlike the current generation, it was limited to production as an all-electric GranCoupe.

This isn’t entirely unexpected, as rumors of an 8 Series refresh have been floating around for quite some time. As a result of high development and production costs and declining sales, coupes and convertibles will be phased out of BMW’s lineup, leaving only the best-selling 8 Series Gran Coupe.

The Next 8 Series Will Be An All-Electric Car

What’s even more exciting is that BMW plans to release the new 8 Series as an all-electric vehicle. Especially with the high-displacement and high-horsepower models of the 8 Series, BMW is expected to earn a relatively high margin, making these rumors all the more surprising.

Of all the BMW sports cars, the M850i with its 530 horsepower (390 kilowatts) and, of course, the M8 with its up to 625 horsepower (460 kilowatts) are a revelation in terms of driving dynamics despite their weight. Whether or not this excitement can be carried forward into the future by a fully electric 8 Series remains to be seen.

Coupe and Cabrio Are Likely To Live On As The 6 Series

The 8 Series Cabrio and Coupe are relics of the future. They will likely be succeeded by a new 6 Series, which, like the first generation, will absorb the 4 Series Coupe and Cabrio.

As a fully electric tourer, the 8 Series GranCoupe is expected to bridge the gap between the much larger 7 Series and the new 5 Series. At about 5.20 meters in length, it would go up against the Mercedes EQS head-on, especially since the EQS is also offered in an all-electric AMG trim. So, we know to expect a showdown between these two four-door sports cars in the near future.

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