The Difference Between an MPV and an SUV

suv vs muv

The driving public is embracing SUVs. SUVs, formerly thought to be the exclusive domain of farmers and off-roaders, are now visible on every city street, outside the trendiest hotels, and even considered “luxury” vehicles.

Prior to the SUV replacing the MPV as families’ preferred vehicle, MPVs ruled the road thanks to their spacious interiors and, most crucially for an expanding family, their numerous seats. The issue was that many early MPVs were only functional and frequently amounted to nothing more than a van with a few extra rows of seating in the back.

However, times have changed. SUVs have grown and developed into high-tech, versatile, go-anywhere vehicles. With superior finishes, more features, and a less “rugged” feel, MPVs have also improved what they have to offer the discerning driver and passengers. Al-Futtaim Automall is of the opinion that MPVs and SUVs offer various packages for various drivers. Here are our opinions on what each of the two means and who they are most appealing to.

The MPV a multi-person car for families in cities

MPVs are made primarily to give passengers lots of room within the cabin. As a result, many have up to seven seats, and while there is ample capacity for passengers, there is little place for goods or luggage. The rear row of seats is frequently multi-functional and can be turned to increase the amount of luggage space in the back. However, this does imply that at least one seat cannot be used because it must be lowered to create room for freight.

The Toyota Avanza 1.5Ltr SE is an example of an MPV that is made with the road in mind rather than with all-terrain capability. As a result, an MPV has less ground clearance and lacks any distinctive off-road capabilities. MPVs perform remarkably well in urban settings and on open highways, where they are most comfortable. They also include a lot of safety features, which makes them a good option for families.


Possibilities made possible by the SUV

The crossover is a whole new class of vehicle that was born from the popularity of the SUV. However, an SUV is the best option if you desire versatility, the ability to travel on and off-road, and a vehicle that combines these features.

It is available in a range of sizes and layouts and is made to offer both ample passenger accommodation and a larger cargo area. Since most SUVs only have five seats, they might not be able to accommodate as many people as an MPV. However, they excel at fitting in a ton of freight while maintaining seat capacity.

Due to the vehicle’s significantly higher level of ground clearance, uneven roads, tracks, and even the occasional dried-out wadi may be traversed without any problems. SUVs are a better all-around option for families who wish to commute in cities during the week and explore nature on the weekends. The Renault Duster is a good example of a contemporary SUV. In addition to being affordable and quick enough to navigate city traffic, it also has some off-road capability.

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