The 2024 Porsche Panamera: The Four-Door Porsche Sedan Isn’t Dead Yet

The 2024 Porsche Panamera: The Four-Door Porsche Sedan Isn't Dead Yet

Amid the recent success of the Taycan EV, sales of the Porsche Panamera have been impacted, but new spy shots suggest that the Panamera is not out of the game just yet.

The current generation of the Porsche Panamera has been around for over seven years, leading some to believe that it’s time for a new iteration. Porsche, however, has decided to give the performance sedan a highly anticipated update, following the significant changes seen in the Cayenne SUV. With this makeover, the Panamera is expected to receive notable enhancements.

The popularity of the Taycan EV in 2021 has taken a toll on the Panamera’s sales, as the electric model has captured a substantial portion of the traditional sedan’s market share. To revitalize the Panamera badge, the forthcoming generation is likely to include enough improvements to make a difference.

Recently captured spy shots give us a glimpse of the direction Porsche is taking with these upgrades. The design of the Panamera is expected to undergo a refreshing modernization. Despite camouflage attempts, it’s evident that the new Panamera will feature the latest HD Matrix Design LED technology for its headlights, similar to the updated Cayenne. These advanced headlights consist of 16,000 individual LEDs and provide twice the brightness compared to Porsche’s previous headlight technology, with a range of up to 600 meters.

Changes in the front end also include a more aggressive-looking grille with taller intake vents, different from the 2023 model. The rear of the Panamera embraces a boxier appearance, adopting the new aggressive persona, while also sporting a light bar reminiscent of the Taycan. The rear deployable multi-element spoiler appears to carry over from the previous generation but complements the overall design changes.

Taking cues from the Cayenne’s updates, it’s probable that the new Panamera will adopt a similar interior layout. Expectations include a range of screens, such as a 12.3-inch infotainment display, a 12.6-inch fully digital driver display, and a separate screen on the passenger side measuring around 10.9 inches.

While the spy shots don’t reveal details about the powertrain, it’s hoped that the new Panamera will receive a power boost across all available options. There’s also speculation about the possibility of an entirely new V-8 engine to replace the existing V-6. Although the spy shots only show one side of the sedan, it remains unclear whether it will feature a charging port, but considering Porsche’s strategy, making the Panamera a plug-in hybrid would be a strategic move.

Porsche has not officially announced the release date for the 2024 Panamera, but as we’re well into Q3, it’s expected to be soon. With the upgrades on the horizon, the Panamera is in dire need of a revitalization, and hopefully, the 2024 model will bring this sporty sedan back into the spotlight.

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