Tested: 2023 Mercedes-Benz S580e PHEV Upstages the EQS

2023 Mercedes-Benz S580e PHEV Upstages the EQS

While Mercedes’ EQS sedan tries to be the S-class of electric cars, it doesn’t feel quite the same as the brand’s most popular model. While keeping the Sonderklasse’s history alive, the brand-new plug-in hybrid Mercedes-Benz S580e takes a confident step into the future. It does this with few sacrifices.

The PHEV S-class has an electric motor and a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six engine. The EPA said it could go 46 miles, but in our 75-mph range test, it went 58 miles on electricity alone. That’s farther than any other PHEV we’ve tried, unless you count the BMW i3 with a range extender, which you shouldn’t.

Even though the electric EQS goes farther, long trips still cause range concern. These worries are taken care of by the S580e, which has gas fill-ups and DC fast-charging, which is not common in plug-in hybrids. Mercedes says that the $500 60-kW charging gear can charge the 22.7-kWh battery from 10% to 80% in 20 minutes.

Our tested S580e cost almost $140,000 because it could charge faster and came with a lot of extras. Still, at $123,700, its starting price is $1,450 less than the V-8-powered S580 and $3,400 less than the EQS580.

The S580e’s cabin is truly luxurious, with backrest pillows that are on par with Ambien. The $3800 Warmth & Comfort package cools and heats the back seats, but for some reason, the temperature controls are not in those seats. For rheostats in the back seats, you need the $16,100 Executive Line package. We also laughed at the two cupholders in the second row, which were hard to get out of the center armrest. The steering wheel’s touch controls are a pain, but at least the EQS’s huge Hyperscreen isn’t here. Its lack makes room for high-end dash trim that matches the price of the sedan. The hybrid’s cabin was as quiet as the EQS580’s at 64 decibels while going at 70 mph.

If you drive the S580e in Electric mode, the plug-in engine doesn’t make a sound. The e-motor gives the Benz 354 pound-feet of thrust right away, which lets it keep up with traffic without waking up the straight-six. This all-wheel-drive limo weighs 5606 pounds and has a hybrid engine with 510 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque. It can go from 0 to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds and go 112 mph in 12.6 ticks.

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