Maserati’s Special Edition Ghibli and Levante say goodbye to the V-8.


The Ultima editions are the last Maseratis to have a 3.8-liter V-8. The Ghibli is said to be the fastest sedan in the world, with a top speed of 208 mph.

Maserati showed off a new generation of its sleek GranTurismo coupe last fall. The sports car didn’t have the roaring V-8 that made previous versions so memorable. Instead, it had either a twin-turbo V-6 or an all-electric powertrain. This seemed to indicate that the eight-cylinder engine was on its way out, and now, at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Maserati has announced two special editions—the Ghibli 334 Ultima and the Levante V8 Ultima—that mark the end of the line for the V-8.

Is Ghibli Ultima going to be the fastest sedan in the world?

The 2024 Ghibli 334 Ultima is the most powerful version of the brand’s smallest sedan, which will be phased out in the next few years. No information was given about the V-8, but we think it is the 572 horsepower, 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged unit from the Trofeo model. The “334” in the name stands for the top speed in kilometers per hour. For the special edition, Maserati raised the Vmax from 203 to 208 mph. Maserati says that this makes the Ghibli the fastest sedan in the world, beating the Bentley Flying Spur Speed by just a few miles per hour.

Maserati also says that cutting weight and getting new tires helped cut the time from 0 to 62 mph from 4.3 to 3.9 seconds. However, they didn’t say what kind of tires the 334 Ultima has. Instead, they just said that they were “new performance tires made with a special compound.” Aerodynamics are said to be improved by a carbon-fiber rear spoiler and 21-inch wheels.

The bright blue color, called Scià di Persia, is a tribute to the first roadworthy Maserati with a V-8 engine, a 1959 5000 GT painted Blu Sera for the Shah of Persia. The front bumper, side-view mirrors, window pillars, and door handles of the 334 Ultima are all made of carbon fiber. The “334” on the front fender is painted in a red color called Rubino. Pale Terracotta leather covers the inside of the car, and the “334” and Maserati’s “Trident” logo are stitched into the headrest.


Information on the Levante V8 Ultima

The 2024 Levante V8 Ultima has the same 5.72-hp twin-turbo V-8 engine as the special-edition Ghibli and is also decked out in carbon fiber. The front and rear bumpers and side skirts are all made of this exotic material. The Levante will come in two colors: black (Nero Assoluto) and blue (Blue Royale). On the front fender, the words “V8 Ultima” will be written in rubino.

The SUV has a V-8 engine and 22-inch wheels. Inside, the seats are made of Pale Terracotta leather, and the “V8 Ultima” logo is stitched into the headrest. On the transmission tunnel between the seats of both special editions, there is a badge that says “una di 103” to show that they are one of only 103 made.

Maserati will only make 103 Ghiblis and 206 Levantes, with 103 of each color. We don’t know how much they’ll cost yet, but we bet they’ll be a lot more than the Ghibli Trofeo’s base price of $125,195 and the Levante Trofeo’s base price of $168,495. Maserati hasn’t released photos of the full cars yet, but we should get a better look at the Ultima editions before they go on sale in the fourth quarter of this year.

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