This day’s Bring a Trailer Pick features a modified 1974 BMW 2002tii

– BMW’s 2002 model was the first of its kind, and the 2002tii represents the pinnacle of the brand’s sport-sedan aesthetic.

This 1974 2002tii has had substantial work done to it, some of which has changed the car from its original configuration but should have positive effects on its driveability.

The exterior of a classic BMW 2002 is conservative, but it nevertheless manages to convey an air of seriousness.

This one, in all black, has the air of a clergyman, complete with folded hands and solemn expression.

A black and silver 1974 BMW 2000tii is today’s featured vehicle on Bring A Trailer.

Its understatement and simplicity are in sharp contrast to the brand’s present offerings, which include ornate coupes and an SUV that looks somewhat like Pumba from The Lion King thanks to its enormous twin grilles.