VW’s boss says the ID.GTI would be a “great car for the U.S.”

The entry-level electric car with the hot-hatch heritage seems like an obvious winner in the U.S. market.

When we told you about the Volkswagen ID.GTI concept on Sunday, September 3, fresh from its unveiling at the Munich IAA auto show in Germany

But now Car and Driver has spoken with Pablo Di Si, Volkswagen Group of America CEO, and can report that he is pushing hard to bring the electric hot hatch stateside.

The production ID.GTI, which is confirmed for Europe, will sit on the MEB Entry platform, a front-wheel-drive version of Volkswagen’s existing MEB EV platform.

Di Si confirms that Volkswagen is committed to launching a less expensive EV in the U.S. below the ID.4, a role the production GTI would seem perfectly suited for.

it could cost as little as $9 or as much as $40. The Model Y is currently the most popular EV.