The End of an Era: Jaguar F-Type Production

Jaguar Land Rover’s flagship sports car, the F-Type, has been the spiritual successor to Jaguar’s legendary E-Type.

The first F-Type concept was shown in 2000, and the production coupe was introduced by Jaguar in 2013.

The current generation of the sports car, the F-Type, received a makeover in 2019 that improved its aesthetics and added cutting-edge features

Jaguar’s 75-year history of producing ICE-powered sports cars is celebrated with the release of two limited-edition models: the F-Type 75 and the F-Type R 75.

The F-Type has always stood out from the rest of Jaguar’s lineup thanks to its sleek, supercar-like design.

Type 75 and F-Type R 75 take styling cues from the standard F-Types, but also feature unique details that mark them out as limited editions.