The Droptail from Rolls-Royce is a Superlatively Luxurious Two-Seat Roadster

– During Monterey Car Week, Rolls-Royce revealed the Droptail, its newest coachbuilt vehicle.

– La Rose Noire, the original Droptail, supposedly takes its name from the Black Baccara rose variety.

Customer requests for unique customizations, such as an embroidered falcon in the headliner or baby footprints in the dashboard trim

the company has pushed this initiative to a new level, moving beyond the “bespoke” degree of specialness and into the realm of the “coachbuild.

The Droptail is the latest addition to the custom ‘tails saga; it’s another open coupe, but this one only has enough for two passengers.

A monocoque structure of steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber is said to underpin the Droptail’s design.