Sculpted Luxury: Exploring the Mercedes-Maybach S650

The Maybach S650 is the modern standard-bearer for Daimler’s Maybach super-luxury brand.

It is the richest and most special car in the Maybach limousine range, which may be the range of limousines that is respected and admired the most all over the world.

To judge by appearances, you might say it was at least as much S-Class as it was Maybach

The decision was made to broaden the reach of the Maybach marque by creating ‘halo’ Maybach models across some of its more normal Mercedes passenger car ranges.

Maybach-only 57 and 62 limousines with the Simon Cowell specification were consigned to the annals of history.

Because of this, the fact that this vehicle is “only” an S-Class may prove to be both its greatest strength and its greatest vulnerability at the same time.