Rotary-Engine Cars That Are Never Mazdas

Mazda has been the word most people think of when they think of cars with rotary engines for a long time.

Mazda’s commitment to the Wankel rotary engine has left a lasting mark on the world of cars, from the quick RX-7 to the famous RX-8.

The German engineer Felix Wankel came up with the Wankel engine in the 1950s.

n the 1970s, Citroen also tried to make a car with a rotary engine. They did this by making the M35, a two-door coupe based on the Ami 8.

The Wankel Spider is a two-door cabriolet-style roadster that was made by NSU Motorenwerke AG in 1963. Its body came from a Sport Prinz coupé.

The VAZ 2108 Lada Samara, also called the Lada Sputnik, was a cheap car made by the Soviet government company Avtovaz.