Nissan Rallys the Z Sports Car with a Custom SEMA Build

trucks and SUVs have become more popular, off-roading has become more popular as well

To make their cars stronger, automakers have launched new sub-brands like Subaru’s Wilderness and Honda’s TrailSport

Nissan already paid tribute to the rally-spec Datsun 240Z that won the 3800-mile East African Safari Rally with a concept car

The company previously made a Leaf-powered 1987 Sunny pickup and an Ariya that looked like a woody wagon for the SEMA show last year

Special black 17.0-inch wheels have big Yokohama Geolandar M/T G003 225/65 tires on them.

AMS Performance has also tuned the V-6 engine, which makes it produce more power than the stock 400 horsepower