Makkina Introduces the TR25 Concept, Reviving the Triumph Nameplate

Makkina, an automotive design house based in London, has unveiled the TR25 electric concept car, a remarkable recreation of the iconic Triumph TR2 sports car from the 1950s.

Triumph Motor Company, a British-based manufacturer, has made a triumphant comeback with the TR25 electric concept.

Once hailed as a leading sports car manufacturer, Triumph ceased operations in 1984, marking nearly 40 years since their last car production.

The revitalized TR25 with its fresh and contemporary design brings Triumph back into the spotlight.

The unveiling of the 2023 TR25 roadster concept coincided with Makkina’s 25th-anniversary celebrations.

Makkina, known for their automotive design expertise, collaborated with Triumph and BMW to create this stunning and nostalgic vehicle.