Honda Prelude Returns as a Sporty Coupe, This Time with EV Power

The Prelude concept, which was shown at the Tokyo auto show, is said to be a sneak peek at future Honda EVs

Honda’s CEO said the company wasn’t even thinking about this option and would instead use other performance metrics to give its new EVs interesting dynamics.

The Prelude idea looks a lot like how you’d imagine a modern take on the coupe from the 1980s and 1990s to look.

Honda hasn’t made a real sports car since the S2000 or even a coupe since the Civic and Accord stopped making two-door versions.

Even though the Prelude is called an idea, it doesn’t seem to have any unrealistic features that would need to be changed

The company has said that electric sports cars are on the way. One of them could be an inspired successor to the Acura NSX.