Find Out Why Chevrolet’s Bolt EV Is Making a Comeback

The Bolt EV was interestingly retired recently, before being announced for a return relatively quickly.

The Chevrolet Bolt, released in 2017, revolutionized the electric vehicle market by being the first mass-produced, low-cost, long-range EV.

The BEV2 platform-based vehicle is essentially the successor to the hybrid Volt in Chevrolet’s lineup.

Because of this, Tesla was compelled to lower the price of the Model 3 from what it and other manufacturers were charging for electric vehicles.

The price increases are not shocking when compared to a General Motors vehicle because this includes other brands like Audi and BMW.

In April, it was announced that the Orion assembly plant in Michigan would be converted to produce alternative electric vehicles (EVs), such as the new Silverado EV.