BMW is looking into ways to make M-badged EVs provide more feedback

BMW is actively exploring ways to enhance the driving experience of its future M-badged electric vehicles (EVs) to provide more feedback

The company believes that driving EVs on a racetrack requires additional sensory input, especially for performance-focused models.

Taking inspiration from Hyundai’s recently unveiled Ioniq 5 N, which offers simulated gearchanges and emulates the sound of a turbocharged four-cylinder engine

Although specific details about BMW’s future M-badged EV remain undisclosed, the company has revealed its ongoing development of a quad-motor prototype using a widebody i4 as a test mule

Van Meel pointed out that a traditional ICE car with multiple gears and engine sounds offers drivers a clear sense of speed and engine revs.

In contrast, a single-gear electric car with a consistent sound might not provide the same level of feedback. BMW is actively seeking solutions to address this challenge.