5 Most Radical Corvette Concepts Of All Time

Some of GM’s finest experimental automobiles were Corvette concepts that paved the way for the production version of the legendary sports car.

Automobile manufacturers’ ingenuity is on full display in concept cars.

The EX-122 was the basis for the first hand-built Corvette, whose name was taken from that of a fast naval warship

The Chevrolet Corvette SS is a precursor to subsequent generations of Corvette sports cars due to its ultra-lightweight design.

William “Bill” Mitchel, then the chief designer at General Motors, oversaw the creation of the futuristic-appearing Corvette XP 700.

Larry Shinoda, Corvette’s then-recently appointed design chief, worked with Bill Mitchell to create the XP-755 Corvette concept car, also known as the Mako Shark.