OMODA is a vehicle of the future that strikes a chord with today’s young people.


The OMODA C5, the company’s first vehicle, has been released in many different parts of the world. It has already debuted in Kuwait and Qatar and soon will do so in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Previously, a number of events were broadcast live from OMODA’s headquarters throughout the world. The global promotion layout for the OMODA C5, the first global car in its series, was revealed during the live stream, with a focus on the vehicle’s emerging background and R&D idea.

Ms. Lilian Xiong, OMODA’s Marketing Director, stated during the live broadcast that the debut of OMODA C5 in the UAE represents a significant development in OMODA’s global strategy. She added that OMODA C5 will provide a new kind of intelligent travel experience for people in the Middle East.

OMODA is a new company with its roots in bringing cars from the Metaverse into the real world, catering to the amazing lifestyle of hipsters all over the world. The OMODA team, through their extensive market research, discovered that “CROSS” has become the newest trend among young people: the “CROSS” of identities and roles for people occurs not only among different scenarios but also frequently in the virtual and real world, which exactly corresponds to the concept of parallel universe and Metaverse in physics, allowing for different forms of “us” to coexist. Therefore, OMODA was developed to go against the grain of the real world and predict the future in order to provide the younger generation a sense of advanced technology and community that reflects their unique traits.


The OMODA C5 was designed in a cross-platform or cross-functional style to maximize the benefits of a variety of vehicle types for the driver. Under the new design idea of “Art in motion” presented by the OMODA R&D team, OMODA’s CROSSOVER-style SUV will include the most cutting-edge technologies available to appeal to its target demographic of young people through its distinctive sliding-back design.

In addition to its stunning visuals, the OMODA C5 also features a robust and clever arrangement of technological components. Its 10.25-inch duplex screen, next-generation 4.0 ADAS system with 16 functions, and intelligent cabin with 64-color mood lights create a captivating sense of futuristic technology and a chic environment. When compared to competitors, the OMODA C5’s 4.0 ADAS system stands out as a clear winner. The driver monitoring system (DMS) joins the likes of adaptive cruise control (ACC), lane keeping assist (LKA), and automated emergency braking (AEB) in the OMODA 5, making for a technological configuration on par with that of a luxury car.

When compared to the 2.0-liter turbo model, the OMODA C5’s powertrain is on par with its performance. The OMODA C5, like the BMW X1, is equipped with a Getrag 7-speed dual-clutch transmission and is powered by the same groundbreaking 1.6TGDI engine, which produces 145 kW and 290 Nm, respectively. The OMODA C5’s 0-100 kph acceleration time is reduced to only 8 seconds by the combination of its 1.6TGDI engine and 7-speed DCT transmission.

Furthermore, as the first worldwide vehicle of its parent company, OMODA C5 has undergone local adaptability development in accordance with the legislative requirements of a dozen different nations in order to meet the demands of international customers. In terms of safety in particular, the OMODA C5’s body is guaranteed to remain intact thanks to the use of ultra-high strength steel (constituting 78%) and thermo-forming steel (10.71%), both with a maximum strength of 1800 MPa. In addition, it undergoes worldwide extreme scenario testing to ensure it is up to par with the criteria of the world’s leading crash assessment organizations.

In order to break the current traditional constraints and anticipate the future technology, OMODA C5, the first Chinese automobile product of the OMODA team aimed at the global market, has five major global advantages: global R&D, global standards, global quality, global name-collecting, and global listing. OMODA is currently aggressively creating a fashionable and cutting-edge lifestyle for young people all over the world, and will soon meet users in the UAE as they roll out the OMODA C5 into other regions.

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