Makkina Introduces the TR25 Concept, Reviving the Triumph Nameplate

makkina triumph

Makkina, an automotive design house based in London, has unveiled the TR25 electric concept car, a remarkable recreation of the iconic Triumph TR2 sports car from the 1950s.

Triumph Motor Company, a British-based manufacturer, has made a triumphant comeback with the TR25 electric concept. Once hailed as a leading sports car manufacturer, Triumph ceased operations in 1984, marking nearly 40 years since their last car production. The revitalized TR25 with its fresh and contemporary design brings Triumph back into the spotlight.

The unveiling of the 2023 TR25 roadster concept coincided with Makkina’s 25th-anniversary celebrations. Makkina, known for their automotive design expertise, collaborated with Triumph and BMW to create this stunning and nostalgic vehicle. The TR25 design takes inspiration from the iconic Triumph TR2 MCV575 “Jabbeke” from 1953, incorporating features such as headlights, a grille (albeit smaller), and rear elements reminiscent of the original model.

Looking back at the original Triumph TR2 MVC575, it left a lasting impression during the speed trials in Jabbeke, Belgium, in 1953. Powered by a spirited 90-horsepower 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, the “Jabbeke” TR2 achieved a record speed of 124.889 mph, driven by test driver Ken Richardson. This pre-production prototype featured an undershield, rear-wing spats, and a metal cockpit cover. The original MVC575 is now housed at the British Motor Museum in Gaydon, United Kingdom.

Makkina’s director, Michael Ani, aimed to capture the essence of the original record-breaking “Jabbeke” TR2 through a combination of interior and exterior design elements. By utilizing the BMW i3S platform, the team achieved a harmonious fusion of old and new. The TR2-inspired body shape, paired with the versatility and adaptability of the powertrain, creates a seamless and fully electric driving experience. Ani emphasized the enjoyment of driving an electric car, highlighting its instant torque, acceleration, agility, and silent operation.

makkina triumph

The TR25’s exterior design maintains simplicity while displaying a modern and sporty impression. The sleek and aerodynamic lines exude a sense of fluid motion, even at a standstill. Meticulously constructed using lightweight materials and cutting-edge techniques, the TR25 maximizes performance and efficiency.

The front fascia features bold and aggressive elements. The frog-eye headlights, resembling teardrops, incorporate the number “25” at the center as a tribute to Makkina’s 25th anniversary. Complementing the headlights is a small, distinctive grille that enhances the car’s sporty character. The low-slung hood adds to the aerodynamic profile, emphasizing the TR25’s powerful and commanding presence. Muscular fenders and a sculpted waistline contribute to the concept car’s athletic stance.

Inside, the TR25 offers a minimalistic and stylish driving environment. Premium materials such as blue leather and carbon fiber adorn the cabin, ensuring both comfort and aesthetics. The driver’s position is superb, and the seats provide excellent support. The TR25 features a two-seater configuration, with a single seat positioned behind the driver. The passenger seat can be folded to create additional storage space. The interior design exudes sleekness and style, promising a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience.

Various exposed metal and tactile toggle switches maintain the minimalist aesthetic. Although the driver’s seat is fixed, the steering wheel and pedals are adjustable. The cockpit cover can be removed, revealing a flip-out jump seat ideal for quick outings. The dashboard is uncluttered, featuring a central binnacle that displays important information such as battery life, speed, and charging status. The spoked steering wheel pays homage to the “Jabbeke” TR2 and incorporates a self-centering dial for accessing the navigation system and essential vehicle data.

Makkina has equipped the TR25 with a 42.2 kWh battery and a powerful 181-horsepower electric motor, doubling the power output of the original Triumph TR25. Weighing 2,403 pounds, approximately 440 pounds less than the i3S, the TR25 accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in just 5.3 seconds, surpassing the Golf GTI by one second. While its top speed of 115 mph falls short of the 1953 model, the TR25 still delivers impressive performance. The instant torque provides a responsive and engaging driving experience, while the range is suitable for daily driving needs. If Makkina decides to produce the TR25, they could potentially increase its power further with a larger battery pack or a more potent electric motor. However, such modifications would add weight, affecting acceleration and handling.

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