5 Things We Like About The Honda CBR500R


It’s possible that the 2023 Honda CBR500R is the best entry-level sports bike.

Honda is known for producing not only extremely dependable motorcycles, but also some of the industry’s finest sportbikes. There’s a sportbike in the CBR line for every kind of rider, from the 150 cc CBR150R to the 999 cc Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade. The Honda CBR500R, on the other hand, is a fantastic choice if you’re in the market for a Honda sportbike in the middle of the price range.

It’s no surprise that Honda, the Japanese automaker, would choose to carry over the MY22 CBR500R for this year after giving the middle child of the CBR family a much-needed update last year. We aren’t even slightly dissatisfied with this. If you’re looking for your first bike or want to upgrade from a smaller machine, this sportbike may be the best option. If you’re still on the fence, perhaps these ten points about the 2023 Honda CBR500R will sway you.

Great Beginner/ Trainer Sportbike

Honda CBR 500R

For a first sport bike, the 2023 Honda CBR500R is hard to beat. Its engine makes just enough power for beginners or first-time riders making the switch from a street bike to a sportbike, or for those looking for a dependable trainer bike before investing in a more potent machine. Its beginner-friendly features and lightweight, streamlined design make it easy to maneuver and give you room to make mistakes. As an added bonus, the price is manageable for most first-time buyers. It goes without saying that Hondas are reliable.

High-Revving Engine

Honda CBR 500R

The CBR500R may look like a sportbike for novice riders, but it is anything but. The engine is liquid-cooled and produces 46.9 horsepower and 31.7 pound-feet of torque, making it about the right size for a 500 cc sportbike. The engine produces its maximum horsepower at 8,600 rpm and its maximum torque at 6,500 rpm, giving the vehicle plenty of power when needed most. The CBR500R’s low- and mid-range power and torque, the latter of which is available from as little as 3,000 rpm, are where it really shines, though. The engine is mated to a manual transmission with six easy-to-shift gears; the slip-and-assist clutch makes highway driving a breeze. The 2023 Honda CBR500R has a respectable top speed for a bike with a 500 cc engine, clocking in at around 115 mph.

Aggressive Styling

Honda CBR 500R

The CBR500R has earned its reputation as the “middle-ground” Fireblade. Moreover, aesthetics play a larger role than practicality. The 2023 CBR500R takes many design cues from its larger siblings. The result is an optical illusion that makes it appear much bigger than it is. Its aerodynamically streamlined body, with its sharp angles and wedge-like feature lines, is reflected in the bike’s aggressive demeanor. Taking cues from the 2023 Honda CBR650R, the CBR500R features a muscular front fender and a functional design. The “500” looks intimidating thanks to the CBR650R’s large 4.5-gallon fuel tank and sharp double headlights. The tank is narrow where the rider’s legs need to be in order to achieve a full tuck.

Nimble Handling

The Honda CBR500R looks like it would weigh a ton, but it’s actually quite light. Having an aerodynamic, lightweight body that doesn’t make its rider feel dwarfed, this motorcycle is a true light middleweight sportbike in every sense of the word. Honda has done an excellent job of reducing fat around the waist, thighs, and hips.

The diamond-shaped frame, made from 35 mm steel tubes, provides superior handling and longevity. Honda cut down on weight by using the engine itself as a stressed member. The CBR500R’s 25.5-degree rake angle, 423-pound curb weight, and 55.5-inch wheelbase all contribute to the bike’s enjoyable handling in corners.

Double The Bite In Front

Honda CBR 500R

Any sportbike worth its salt will have strong brakes, as stopping quickly becomes increasingly important at higher speeds. The Honda CBR500R has strong brakes. Nissin’s new dual 296 mm petal-style discs with four-piston calipers are radially mounted up front, while a 240 mm disc and a single caliper are located in the rear. Standard anti-lock brakes (ABS) and upgraded dual-disc brakes up front mean you can stop twice as fast as before. Although it may seem picky, we would have liked a dedicated traction control system. A complete stop can be achieved from a sprint in less than a minute thanks to the upgraded braking system.

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