$385,000 The 1000-Horsepower Fisker Rnin Will Debut in 2025.

$385,000 The 1000-Horsepower Fisker Rnin Will Debut in 2025.

The electric vehicle start-up debuted the stylish four-door convertible supercar last week and has since shared new information about the exclusive Rnin.

Fisker, a startup based in California, recently unveiled three electric vehicles to join the Ocean crossover in the company’s lineup over the next few years. Fisker displayed a flashy four-door sports car, named the Rnin after the eponymous John Frankenheimer film, which featured numerous high-octane car chases. Also on display were a subcompact crossover named the Pear and a pickup truck named the Alaska. Fisker has finally revealed more details about the Rnin, such as its price and when we can expect it to hit the market.

The startup automaker Fisker plans to start Rnin deliveries in the back half of 2025 and will only produce 999 units. The Rnin, as stated by CEO Henrik Fisker, is a modern take on the “classic grand touring car” designed for “people who love to drive.” Despite its sleek exterior, the Rnin is still intended to be a functional vehicle; the convertible sports car can accommodate up to five passengers and “provide exceptional cargo capacity.” Fisker markets the Rnin as a response to the proliferation of high-performance SUVs from household names, highlighting the Rnin’s roomy interior and compact exterior that are made possible by the electric platform.

With its three-motor powertrain and all-wheel drive, the Rnin will supposedly be capable of a blazing 0-to-60 mph time of 2.0 seconds. Fisker also says the Rnin can reach speeds of 170 mph, and the company is aiming for a range of 600 miles. A lightweight aluminum space frame serves as the foundation for the Rnin, which rolls on 23-inch carbon-fiber wheels.

The front and rear butterfly doors open like a bird’s wings, and the carbon fiber hardtop folds down into the trunk for open-air driving. You can only use your phone or a swiping motion to open the front doors, and the rear doors only have one set of handles. Although the interior’s silhouette doesn’t reveal much about the layout, the cabin is said to be furnished with eco-friendly recycled materials and to revolve around a 17.1-inch screen.

Fisker has opened up pre-orders for the Rnin, a grand tourer with 1000 horsepower that will retail for $385,000. Fisker has not revealed the location of the Rnin’s production, despite the fact that the vehicle’s expected delivery date is within the next two years. Assembly of the Ocean is outsourced to Magna Steyr in Austria, and production of the Pear is scheduled to be handled by Foxconn in Lordstown, Ohio. We wouldn’t be surprised if Fisker pushed back the release of the Rnin because the prototype displayed at the company’s product launch last week did not look production ready. It was the only vehicle shown that did not move under its own power and had a concealed interior.

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